Thursday, March 5, 2009

China Blue Sampler Wallhanging and a surprise little gift in the mail!

Hi everyone!  Happy March!  I hope everyone is very busy, churning out project after project!  I wish I could say that I was, but I'm not.  I really need to make nice with my new sewing area and just have at it.  The industrial machine that I "got for Christmas" (which didn't arrive until mid-February) is still out of commission.  The pulley on it was broken and the company wants me to send back the whole machine... a 72lb machine and a 40lb motor, all over a little stupid pulley!  So I went to my local machine repair shop and they ordered one for me and that was at least 2 weeks ago.  Le sigh!  I just want to play on it already!

Anyway, on to happy news!  I finished this Wallhanging the day before Valentine's Day, as it was a gift for my boyfriend.  I just never got around to taking pictures of it finished.  I'm not happy with the quilting I did but I'm over it lol!  So here it is!

I'm so happy to see it finished.   I really did accomplish what I set out to do in that class, I made the sampler and I made one Persian Star (pictured in my blog post below.)  After having made the Persian Star, I decided, I don't want to frame this, I want to make the whole quilt!!!!  Maybe I really should've just stopped, squared it off and framed it lol because there is no way I can make that whole quilt right now!  If I didn't already have pieces cut out and set up to start on another block for it, I might just call it a day... We shall see!

Next, I recieved the sweetest card and present in the mail!  My friend Becky from the HGTV Quilting and Needlework Message Boards sent me one of her tatted seahorses!  She had shown a picture of one she made and I was drooling over it!  He is so beautiful (in a tatting kind of way) and so cute (in a little seahorse kind of way).  Thank you Becky, I love him!

Other than that, I wish I could say I've been up to more but I haven't.  I've been working slowly but surely on our CQ RR.  We're on the 5th round right now.  Next round is the last one and then I get my baby back!  Oh the tears will be streaming I am so sure of it!  I've had fun, working on everyone's block, adding my touches and getting to see the lovely work more and more as the swap progresses has been just astounding.  If only these girls knew what their blocks look like now! Hehe!

Ok, I'm off to figure out what to sew first.  Hopefully I'll whip up a whole bunch of stuff and be back to entertain!