Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Welcome to my new sewing room/studio!

By the by!.... (god get me OFF of this thing aleady!! -giggle-)

Allan and i live in a one bedroom apartment. September will be 3 years that we've been here and FINALLY this apartment is clean and all together! It feels incredible. I've spent the last month between being sick with my fibromyalgia and other ailments, doctor's appointments and other obligations, cleaning this apartment, i mean finally scrubbing and taking pride in cleanliness (psh.... first time in my 28 years LOL) just cleaning this place up! It looked like a storage unit exploded for so long... i mean just things over things, on things stacked on more things. ick! anywho... point is after talking with Allan, we just knew our desks could no long reside next to each other. Between our gaming on the headset, phone calls, television re-runs (me watching Bravo! and numerous re-runs of any and all reality shows and my Kathy Griffin) we were just like yeah... what the hell! I said to him one day, "how would you feel about seperating spaces? You take all of the bedroom except i keep my dresser in there and i take the living room..." he said yes! It took us 3 long ass days of hauling box after box after box to our little storage unit and unpacking closets and re-organizing them to suit our needs with our new spaces. So yep, we're done! And of course i'm paying for it with the fibro pains and also all the damn bruises that keep appearing on my legs?! Like... am i getting my butt kicked in my sleep or something?! Here is a link to a video of my new space! I hope you can tell what is what.... it may take a few minutes to load up, so go get some coffee and come back. If it's playing, just re-start it.

My new sewing space .avi

A day at The Land of Make Believe...

This isn't sewing related, but family related. Thought i'd throw that in the mix a bit here. Today me, my son Sebastian who will be 8 on Sept. 22, my mom, my sister and one of her 2 sons: Landen (who is 4) went to The Land of Make Believe. It's a park with small games, rides, a petting zoo and a nice size water park. We had a lot of fun and i'm going to share some pictures :) My son has the brown hair. Landen has the blonde hair. My sister is in the white shirt and by process of elimination... my mom is the other brown haird girl :)
Sebastian and I went on very large water slides today in a double tube! That was TOO much fun! It's so crazy to be at a point in his life where we can share good times like this... on big water slides! We totally had a blast and then, he went on one by himself! omg! Since when did he get over 36"?! LOL! I look forward to so many more of times like these with him... he better not get to that "ew i can't go and be seen with my mom" stage... or i'll embarrass him to no end... j/k.
Ok, i have some obligations that are past due to finish up. Just wanted to share this magical little day that i had :)

Crystal Jewelry

Ok one more! This year i also learned how to make jewelry! This is fun for me because i am not a fan of diamonds and things of that sort, but i LOVE swarovski crystal! My friend Kristen was making all of my jewelry for so long and i finally really wanted to learn how! And so i did! I am so appreciative to my friend Kristen for just being an inspiration to me with all of the beautiful pieces she has made for me and other people.  I am of course not quite the master she is and I may never be, but just knowing the basics is great.  Jewelry makes great gifts and some pieces work up quickly and easily.  If interested Kristin does beautiful custom work, her website is: K's Sparkle Creations.

Pictured are some of the pieces i've made. The blue and black set was made for NickiLee as a thank you for all the buy ins she's hosted and for all of her help along the way, teaching me to CQ. She is a lover of all things blue! So i saw those beads in the store and i could not resist. I came right home and just went at it. The biggest compliment was when she e-mailed me telling me she put the earrings right on and went to the post office and one of the women who work there complimented her earrings! It's those little moments in life! ..isn't it!?

The black and clear woven set was for my sister for Mother's Day! They look gorgeous on and they just float. The multi-colored woven bracelet was my first woven, i was so pleased with the way i came out, but i still haven't made one for myself. Need more time! Need more time!

Tatted Jewelry

When i first started tatting i made a lot of chokers and earrings. Pictured above are just some! Here is a link to the many that i've made. Tatted Chokers

These are so much fun to wear. I always get compliments when i wear the black set. I feel like i am wearing a vintage piece of lace or something! The girls who have purchased these from me have always had great results. My step mom ordered a set for her best friend for her birthday and it was such a compliment, she called me telling me how much she really loved it! So i kept making more and through word of mouth i started getting a lot of requests! I am looking forward to making more intricate patterns for the chokers, but i still need to learn to shuttle tatt. I am hoping to put up some papers in local super markets for a shuttle tatting tutor or teacher. Then my next step would be ordering one of those gorgeous shuttles with all of the decoration!

Well, it's getting late and i am going to The Land of Make Believe with my mom, son, sister and nephew. I better get some sleep!

Tatted Items for CQing

I started making these baskets, hearts, pieces of lace and butterflies for CQing. I've really had a lot of fun making them! The baskets can be filled with embroidered flowers, the hearts decorated with beads... I've received many orders for especially the baskets, hearts and pieces of lace. If you're interested you can contact me at

Well I'm finally here!

Hi all! I've always been half and half about blogs. I have read a lot of them but was never sure if i wanted one because i wasn't sure that i'd be able to keep up with it. After thinking about it for a while and my friends encouraging me that this is what i needed to do... i'm here!

Over the past few years i have had a "wild ride"... i first sewed when i was 18 then i put the machine aside after one project, but i knew i'd get back to it sooner or later. After moving in with my boyfriend in 2004, he paid for me to take many classes, starting with a night sewing class. From there i've been like a wild woman 'conquering' many new things one by one. It all started with a simple pillow with a zipper! I started making lots and lots of clothes, and although i am not a seamstress and i do not know how to do alterations, i am sure i'll get there one day.

My love for sewing took a turn one day after spending a good amount of time at Joanns staring at the quilting fabric. I've been crocheting since i was 5 or 6 thanks to my aunt and "the lady down the street" her name was Mrs. Boyd. when i was a little girl, during the summertimes, i'd go walk down to Mrs. Boyd's house and she'd be sitting on her porch watching the sun set and crocheting. She taught me and I am so happy to have a little story like that affiliated to my life because i've always been jealous -not maliciously jealous but.. just ya know.. an 'i wish i had that' kinda thing- of people who had a mom that taught them to sew or a grandmother, because my mom isn't into sewing lol! She always says "i have NO idea where you got this from" ... and of her 2 daughters, i would be the one least likely to be domesticated... ok anyway! back to my sewing taking a turn... so i decided, well if i can crochet a blanket, i am sure i can sew a quilt... so, again, Allan (my dear boyfriend) paid for me to take a quilting class with Pat O'Brien (she's a local who many learn to quilt from) She is a fantastic teacher and bang, i started taking class after class. 2 Christmases ago, i was making a quilt out of brocade fabrics (ugh... never again...) and ever which way i tried to quilt it, the fabric just pulled and pulled! I was desperately searching the web like a mad person to find solutions. Through my google search i stumbled onto the HGTV Quilting and Needlework forum. 1 year and 9 months later, i am a complete posting addict over there LOL! I've met some truly amazing women who make me laugh, who make me cry (in a good way!), who share not only my dreams and support me, but we all support each other and encourage the other. It has been a force in my life that has really driven me to want to learn more and do so much more. This year i was lucky enough to attend their annual retreat. 40 of us met in Houston, many of us not knowing the other except for our daily board posts. I can honestly say i've met amazing women, with amazing stories, and now we share amazing friendships. My roommates NickiLee and Kathy were the best roommates i could have ever wished for, we laughed, we cried, we hugged, we shared stories.... and i know from those precious moments that we are all tied at the heart.

I bounce off the walls with projects and new ideas and tying me down wouldn't sit me still! I have been referred to as 'The Mad Tatter' . . . recently this year i've learned the fine art of needle tatting. I am going nuts wanting to learn to shuttle tatt because it looks SO much prettier! I am sure i will learn! I was encouraged to learn to crazy quilt (CQ) and i didn't think i'd be able to do it...  The tatting i learned because in February my HGTV secret sister sent me a gift card for Michael's for my birthday. I decided after seeing tatting here and there that i just HAD to learn this art! and so i did! I have been making jewelry and pieces for CQing since!

I have a message board called: A Stitch In Time and anyone who loves quilting, sewing, needlework are welcome to join! There is a steady group of us over there and we enjoy talking freely with each other. HGTV is fantastic but sometimes we're a bit too limited there sometimes. You must register though to be able to peruse the forums.

It's been an amazing journey so far... and i look forward to the road ahead and sharing it all with those of you who decide to stop by :)