Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A day at The Land of Make Believe...

This isn't sewing related, but family related. Thought i'd throw that in the mix a bit here. Today me, my son Sebastian who will be 8 on Sept. 22, my mom, my sister and one of her 2 sons: Landen (who is 4) went to The Land of Make Believe. It's a park with small games, rides, a petting zoo and a nice size water park. We had a lot of fun and i'm going to share some pictures :) My son has the brown hair. Landen has the blonde hair. My sister is in the white shirt and by process of elimination... my mom is the other brown haird girl :)
Sebastian and I went on very large water slides today in a double tube! That was TOO much fun! It's so crazy to be at a point in his life where we can share good times like this... on big water slides! We totally had a blast and then, he went on one by himself! omg! Since when did he get over 36"?! LOL! I look forward to so many more of times like these with him... he better not get to that "ew i can't go and be seen with my mom" stage... or i'll embarrass him to no end... j/k.
Ok, i have some obligations that are past due to finish up. Just wanted to share this magical little day that i had :)

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