Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Welcome to my new sewing room/studio!

By the by!.... (god get me OFF of this thing aleady!! -giggle-)

Allan and i live in a one bedroom apartment. September will be 3 years that we've been here and FINALLY this apartment is clean and all together! It feels incredible. I've spent the last month between being sick with my fibromyalgia and other ailments, doctor's appointments and other obligations, cleaning this apartment, i mean finally scrubbing and taking pride in cleanliness (psh.... first time in my 28 years LOL) just cleaning this place up! It looked like a storage unit exploded for so long... i mean just things over things, on things stacked on more things. ick! anywho... point is after talking with Allan, we just knew our desks could no long reside next to each other. Between our gaming on the headset, phone calls, television re-runs (me watching Bravo! and numerous re-runs of any and all reality shows and my Kathy Griffin) we were just like yeah... what the hell! I said to him one day, "how would you feel about seperating spaces? You take all of the bedroom except i keep my dresser in there and i take the living room..." he said yes! It took us 3 long ass days of hauling box after box after box to our little storage unit and unpacking closets and re-organizing them to suit our needs with our new spaces. So yep, we're done! And of course i'm paying for it with the fibro pains and also all the damn bruises that keep appearing on my legs?! Like... am i getting my butt kicked in my sleep or something?! Here is a link to a video of my new space! I hope you can tell what is what.... it may take a few minutes to load up, so go get some coffee and come back. If it's playing, just re-start it.

My new sewing space .avi

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