Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Crystal Jewelry

Ok one more! This year i also learned how to make jewelry! This is fun for me because i am not a fan of diamonds and things of that sort, but i LOVE swarovski crystal! My friend Kristen was making all of my jewelry for so long and i finally really wanted to learn how! And so i did! I am so appreciative to my friend Kristen for just being an inspiration to me with all of the beautiful pieces she has made for me and other people.  I am of course not quite the master she is and I may never be, but just knowing the basics is great.  Jewelry makes great gifts and some pieces work up quickly and easily.  If interested Kristin does beautiful custom work, her website is: K's Sparkle Creations.

Pictured are some of the pieces i've made. The blue and black set was made for NickiLee as a thank you for all the buy ins she's hosted and for all of her help along the way, teaching me to CQ. She is a lover of all things blue! So i saw those beads in the store and i could not resist. I came right home and just went at it. The biggest compliment was when she e-mailed me telling me she put the earrings right on and went to the post office and one of the women who work there complimented her earrings! It's those little moments in life! ..isn't it!?

The black and clear woven set was for my sister for Mother's Day! They look gorgeous on and they just float. The multi-colored woven bracelet was my first woven, i was so pleased with the way i came out, but i still haven't made one for myself. Need more time! Need more time!

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bingo~bonnie said...

love all the photos! You have some great sets there... I like the dnagly ones. They're big but not too big. ;)

Love from Texas! ~bonnie