Friday, September 5, 2008

Change: New Title

So, i've decided to change my "title box" since 'The Talia Effect' is my 'deal' so to speak. The logo is my design, which i love and so yep, there it is!

The Talia Effect was started when i decided about a year or actually two years ago (wow... already) when i decided i wanted to launch a website and a line and this and that.. i started going wild! i do when i want to start a project! I started creating logos and banners and this and that. Then i realized, i can sew, but i can't tailor and do seamstress work. Oh well, my sewing teacher kindly invited me over to her house to teach me, perhaps this fall! Anyway, the dream kind of came down to the site ( becoming a showcase of all i do... the clothes i've made, the jewelry, the quilts, the tatting, crocheting... and so on and so forth. I plan to learn much more.... and that will all be there too. In the meantime i am desperately searching for a web designer who can do clean, cut, pretty web designs but CHEAP! The website is my next long term goal i guess, seeing how finding a designer has become a pain in my ass task. So that will sit on the side line. I do have my "HTML Web Author Certificate" ...where the hell is the rollinging eyes smiley... all that really means is i can sit here and hard code until my eyes bleed and hands fall off ie: ... i don't know how to work with dreamweaver and such... but i have the program... ugh. another class i need to take.

Short post, but i've got to get back to cutting silk ribbon for my girls ;)

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