Friday, January 9, 2009

Embroidered Pillowcases & an update on what I'm up to!

I made these pillowcases for a dear friend who was my "Secret Sister" last year.  I have been working on them since early December and I had really wanted to get them to her by Christmas but it just didn't work out that way.  So, I got them off in the mail to her on Tuesday.  Hey, at least they're done and they've arrived!  She was very good to me, extremely attentive - always right on top of my posts on the messageboard.  I always received a heartfelt letter in a box that was packed full of bows and ribbons with lots of care.  Hope she enjoys them!

I seem to be lacking here in blog land.  I have been extremely busy, honestly... seems I don't have too much to show for it though.  Ah!  I know, i'll have peeks to share with  you from this round of our CQ Round Robin and I also just finished the siggy wedding quilt I was hired to make!  I'll have photos of that for you soon!  

What's coming up for me?  Starting Tuesday, January 20th I'll be teaching four 2 hour classes at a LQS for a Crazy Quilt heart (i had blogged about this earlier this year.)  So that is very exciting!  I am prepping my kits for that, still have some work to be done but it's well on its way!  2 weeks after that I'll be starting my 8 week class on CQ.  I still have lots to do for that one.  I'm also taking a class for Cheryl Phillips "WedgeWorks" book.  (the first one)  That starts Thursday January 15th!  I am a little concerned that it's a time intensive class and I have so much going on I hope I can give it the attention it deserves because I also have the CQ RR going, 3 more rounds to go!  Oh!  Oh!  And i'll be visiting my very best friend of (eep!) 15 years in New York for the weekend of Jan 23-25!  Then i'll also be visiting her for my birthday on the weekend of Feb 20-22.  We're going to a comedy show and we'll hang out a little bit, i'm so looking forward to a nice weekend away, but you know i'll bring at least one needlework project ;)  probably my tatting since it's so space friendly and portable.  

Well, there's my update for the new year.  I hope this entry finds you healthy and well!  See you soon with some CQ peeks!  Stay tuned...


Anonymous said...

The pillowcase is a beautiful design and beautifully executed. Lucky recipient.

I'll have to go searching for the crazy quilt heart post.

Holee said...

Very pretty pillow cases. So old fashioned and delicate.

You forgot to mention all the great buy-in's you do for the ladies on HGTV. That alone takes hours to divide up and send out!

Have fun in NY! Oh how I miss those days of taking the train from Philly to see a show and have a great dinner!

Thanks for teaching me to use PayPal...Oh my poor bank account!(eek)

talia said...

holee, you're so sweet ♥
cq4fun - i should've added a link to the blog i was talking about, sorry about that! And thank you for the comment, that was very sweet! I should say that they were pre-printed, I just followed the design. Now I feel guilty and I'm going to edit my blog to say that LOL! I don't want people thinking I was actually creative enough to dream this up, because I'm absolutely not! -giggle-

Nicki Lee said...

T - those are gorgeous pillow cases - you did a beautiful job on them and I know the the lady that received them loves them. You might not have dreamed them up but what you have dreamed up has been awesome.... love your bracelets and am happy to see you've got them on Etsy.

everythingquilts said...

Talia, the pillowcases couldn't be any prettier, they're just gorgeous. Your SS is going to love them for sure.