Friday, June 26, 2009

Wanted: Gifts for Breast Cancer Auction [please]

A friend of mine is doing a charity gift auction. Do you have something you'd be interested in donating? It could be a CQed block turned into a purse, a pair of earrings, home made stamped cards, quilts, crocheted items, cross stitch, the sky is the limit... YOU NAME IT! Any help would be greatly appreciated and I need to have it in my hands no later than July 27th.

Here's the letter from her:

"Hello all,
Do you have any unwanted gifts? Perhaps you really don't care for what you received during the holiday, your anniversary or last birthday. Maybe you don't have a gift receipt to return it or the moxie to ask for one. Don't let these items collect dust before you re-gift them, stow them away until their forgotten or worse yet, thrown out! I can, make good use of these items. My name is Gerrill Furda and I am walking 60 miles in the 2009 Philadelphia Breast Cancer 3-Day Event. I must raise $2500 to be eligible to participate in the walk. Last year I was able to raise over $8300. On of the ways I did it was to hold a Charity Gift Auction. Please consider this request seriously. You likely have something you can donate. Even if it is gently used someone will likely bid on it."

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Holee said...

I have something I was sending to you. It goes in the mail tomorrow morning since my son is finally home to do a PO run for me.

Here's the deal. If you like it, it's yours. If you don't and want to donate it, it won't hurt my feelings cause its a good cause.

I'll look around the sewing room for something else for the auction too.