Saturday, November 28, 2009

Let's play catch up, shall we? . . .

5 months?! what?! who?! when?! where?! how?! . . yes! how exactly does 5 months pass since i've posted anything?! Well let's not slip into that as much as what has been going on... if i can even recall!

Ok, so i am tempted to say that i haven't been up to much of anything. . . and i don't really think i have been plus i am on a new computer (my MacBook Pro! - thank you to my gifter ;) i love you!) so i don't even have photos on here yet to jog my memory. I was surprised to be entered into a swap called "All I Want for Christmas" hosted by Bea of Bea's Hive. My surprise pollyanna was Kathy of She picked out the PERFECT gifts for me! Here are some pictures of a few!

ok, i keep trying & trying to post the pictures but it just won't happen, so please visit my flickr page. thanks.

I'm trying to close up my swap obligations which are very few. I have the Secret Sister swap which closes out this month. We reveal in this last package due to be sent out with a photo by Dec. 1st and then the CQ Embellishment Birthday Swap where you send out 6 embellishments to the birthday girls each month. I've already sent out December and the swap closes out on March 1st. I have most of the rest of the 7 last bags ready to go.

What does the future hold for me? Well getting through the holidays is always a bit of a toughie for me. I'm not fond of them, don't believe in them and would love to have the option of not celebrating them but my 2 loves (son & boyfriend) believe otherwise, so out of love, i am obligated. Last year we had the big CQ Round Robin going on the HGTV message board at this time and i am so sad it's not happening right now, so perhaps if the previous hostesses are ok with it, maybe i could head that up, although i will admit - due to past issues of blocks not being returned, i am hesitant. I don't know the details of why certain blocks were never passed on, i just know that it's completely unacceptable and wrong. I wouldn't want to be the hostess of that swap with something like that happening because i'd be livid and i'd make phone calls that would scare the dead into awakening & getting those blocks passed on. Like who the hell does that?! Sign up for such a big swap only to fail on your part. Anyhow, i know that i'd use my best discretion with who signed up & i'd choose group leaders who had good discretion & leading abilities. (not that the past ones didn't! i might choose the same!) Anyway, this is all given that i 1: even decide to head it up and 2. am given permission to. I just miss working on the blocks & getting all antsy about getting mine back.

I haven't had much luck in the falling asleep department lately so i've been awake some ridiculous hours lately. Well, it's 9am and i still have not slept :( and my best friend is here visiting so now, i'll probably pass out during the day while she is awake. This sucks!

Well, that is all from me! Drop me a comment, let me know you stopped by :) i think we all like that here! :)


Update! December 3, 2009
I got an e-mail this morning telling me that a CQ RR swap will be held but someone is just trying to tie up the swaps they are hosting and wait until after the holidays. I don't know any more details than that but I am thrilled that I won't have to host it, because as I had mentioned earlier it's a really big deal and I have not really been in the hosting mood. I am really brain dead because after checking through previous e-mails someone had told me that they were going to host it after the holidays. So this is me openly telling all of you that I am really having a DUH moment! To end on a lighter, happier note though - YAY! It's coming up! Wooohoo!


everythingquilts said...

Cheers to you too!! It can be chaos when we are busy and become hectic to write about it all. I have a hard time just keeping up with the simple things lately. I can't imagine how some keep up with so many different things going on. I for one know I could never host anything, I just don't have what it takes to take something like that on. I do enjoy playing along though.

tisme said...

Glad to hear from you Talia!
Love all your goodies.
I DID finally get my CQ rr, it came last week, just a note saying she was sorry. And lots of CQ goodies were in the box. I was so happy to get my pieces home. I will finally finish my purse!!

Shogun said...

Good to hear from you :)

Shogun said...

Talia - just checking back in to see if you wrote any more. The HGTV SS swap is over, so that must be a relief. I am hoping to try new things and new swaps and new techniques in 2010, so I will be on te lookout. By the way, you should check my blog for something cool my daughter made. See ya!

Shogun said...

Hey Talia!!!

How are you doing?? I am so happy we surprised you with the HGTV SS surprise package. I imagine hosting one of those swaps can be stressful. Lisa chose some great items to send to you, didn't she? You and (the other) Lisa did a ton of work.

Hope I can interact with you again in some other way on the HGTV boards. You gonna go to Columbus in June for the NQA quilt show? Looks like a huge groups is going.

This year I am going to dive into CQ more.

Adios Talia.

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the writer said...

Hi! I found your blog through a web search for needle tatting classes. . .are you currently teaching anywhere? I had taken a class many years ago, but being left-handed, I can't remember half of what I should be doing.

talia said...

hello writer! YES! I *am* currently teaching somewhere & classes start next Thursday if you are in Hamilton/Trenton, NJ (or the surrounding area) I am teaching for Hamilton Township Adult School, let me know if you need the info!!! It starts Thursday coming up!