Saturday, October 11, 2008

2008 - 2009 HGTV Crazy Quilt Round Robin!

"I could never touch someone else's block after so many women have done so many beautiful things to it, what if i screwed it up?!"  Or at least that is what i said last year to NickiLee and Kathy, standing in our room in Houston, Texas.  She was showing Kathy and I, practically in tears, the most amazing piece of art work you could ever lay your eyes on. . . her round robin block.  She is a big fan of blue (i'm telling you we're gypsy soul sisters!) and the ocean.  her block was all shades of beautiful blues and greens made with silky, satin, fancy fabrics. . .  What  a sight to behold as she showed us the handi work that 6 or 7 women from around the United States, gals we like to think of as our sisters, had sewn onto her block.  I choke up right now thinking about the presentation of her block that she had given to us at the retreat last year.  

Nicki is a fantastic teacher and encourager.  (enabler... oops! hehe)  In e-mailing with her since then and having caught 'the bug' . . . the crazy quilt bug that is, she has encouraged me to 'just do it!' 'jump in with 2 feet!'  and so i became inspired, encouraged and willing.  It wasn't long ago that Tami had started sign ups for the 2008-2009 HGTV Crazy Quilt Round Robin.  I signed up, so excited!  Time started passing and I started thinking, 'there is no way i could piece a crazy quilt block THAT BIG' and hey. . . sure i could have pieced a smaller block, but in this swap, i think 'go big or go home!'  I allowed feelings of doubt to start creeping in and soon enough I was ready to contact the hostess and tell her 'i am sorry, but i am cowering out of this!'

One night, after putting Sebastian to sleep, I sat and was working on some projects.  4 am creeped around and BANG!  I went for it!  I worked hard for 5 hours until the sun came up and the faerie block was born.  Made with various faerie pictures, blues, blacks, purples and some hints of green the block was taking form.  I stayed up for a while longer that day and finally crashed.  The long night into the morning had finally taken its toll, but I wanted to continue to work on the block so badly, to see it finished!!!  Oh how cruel sleep can be to creativity, right in the middle of a SURGE too!  

After I woke up I pulled another all-nighter.  The block was complete.  I was ecstatic and in love.

On this block you will see some things that are very dear to me.  There are 2 hand silk paintings, painted by my friend Carolyn.  The peacock is very dear to my heart because she had made it for me, not even knowing how much i LOVE peacocks when i was very ill last year in and out of the hospital for 2 months.  It was a surprise gift.  The flower painted on black silk was a gift from her in a CQ embellishment swap we had.

Over the next 6 months, 6 ladies from around the United States will start dressing my block up in embroidery, silk ribbon embroidery, beading, laces, ribbons. . . the works, the whole kitten caboodle!  She will return home to me in April 2009, hopefully just in time for the 2009 Circle of Friends retreat where the HGTV girls meet up for chocolate, shopping, food, fun, memories and bonds that will last a life time.  

. . .is it April yet?!


Jo in NZ said...

Great block! If you are new to this CQ lark, you are a natural.

talia said...

Thank you :) I am new, but i am a little over a year into CQing, it's just the first time i have made a block this large! It measures 24"x25.5"

Thanks for checking it out!

everythingquilts said...

Talia, you have an amazing way with words. I can tell you put your heart in to all your work, it comes out when I read your post. I'm so looking forward to April myself. I could not have joined the RR, not knowing if I'd be able to complete my part in a timely matter, but after seeing all the wonderful blocks, I sure hope I'm able to join next year. I think I have something you might like to have. I'll get it in the mail to you. I don't have much left but I know with CQ it doesn't take a lot and you will put it to good use.