Thursday, October 23, 2008

Watercolor Portrait Give-A-Way!

Wow, now wouldn't this be amazing to win?!   

She is offering this:

"This giveaway is for a portrait of one child or infant. 

I will paint the portrait from a photograph supplied by the winner. The size of the portrait will be 9.5" x 11" and is painted using quality materials. "


everythingquilts said...

Talia, I added your blog to my list. I thought I had already added it but must have just bookmarked it. It's there now. Don't you just love the maps, you can click on the map and see where everyone is visiting from. I think it is really cool, to see people from all the continents coming together. I clicked your map and see you have some visitor from all over as well. I found I had many from Aussie and even one from Brazil. I didn't even realize I had that many visitor from Europe until I added the map. I might try a few new gadgets. I'm just now figuring some of them out. What are you working on today?

Lady of the Cloth said...

What a wonderful prize, you are one generous person. Your tatting is beautiful. That is one craft I would love to learn. Love your blog.