Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Crazy Quilt Round Robbin 1st Block

Alright, almost 2 weeks since i've posted - wow!  Still kinda tapped out but I have been feeling the urges to post here, i've just been lazy! 

As I posted earlier I am in the HGTV CQ Round Robbin.  My first one and I was scared to death to join!  I mean - really - what if I messed up someone's block after people had worked countless HOURS on it?!  But ya know what?  Once you get that block, it's not the same feeling.  The block speaks and you just work... They really do talk and it's SO much fun!  I'll never second guess joining a CQ RR again that's for sure!!!

First up I got EMB's block.  Her theme was butterflies.  I wish I could post more but I can only show you my 2 sneek peaks that I showed her.  I will also show you her block as I received it bare.

Here I tatted the "E" and added some silk ribbon embroidery over it.

Here, I added the lace with the beads and a little "heart flower" then the beaded silk ribbon.
Fun, fun, fun!  Next up is fishingwidow's block.  It's here and I already have some ideas 'drawn' out ;)  Stay tuned!


TattingChic said...

Love the SRE/tatting mix! I've been wanting to learn SRE for some time to do designs I have in my head with tatting; like little pillows/sachets and such.

everythingquilts said...

WOW, Talia your creativity has peeked. Such lovely work.