Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Pin Up Girl Crazy Quilt Hearts

I love pin up girls.  The new ones are pretty but I'm talking the older pin up girls... 50s & 60s.  Yes, 2 weeks later I am still feeling creatively tapped out but i'm talking embellishment wise, not quite design wise.  On Election night, as a matter of fact, as the votes rolled in I sat and worked on these hearts.  They were a lot of fun but I learned that I should have enlarged the heart so that I could get a little more area to work on.  Regardless, I will finsih them, and they will be mine.  I don't have anything that I have CQed that I own to show.  So I thought these would be a fun set of pieces to keep, and I hope to add to my collection by hosting a swap for these next year!  

She came first.  Notice i couldn't resist immediately adding a beautiful rhinestone trim on her.  My plan is to take feathers and from behind pop the feathers through around her boa to make it look real.  A lot of fun (and an experience that'll be eh?!... like making a wig!  I better google a how to there!)  

Next came this beauty.  I love the black/white/sepia thing going on here.

Lastly, came this gypsy like gal.  I love gypsies so the idea of a gypsy like pin up girl in front of the moon?!  A-1, first class craziness!  She's actually not topless, although you cannot tell in this picture.  
So what you see is what you get!  That is how the sit right now because I am a bit busy with other things and still kinda feeling like: ??? what do I do with these???  As if I've never embellished anything before.  It's ok, timing is everything and it will come to me!  Stay tuned!

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everythingquilts said...

Love the pin up girls, Beautiful.